How Much Does Advertising a Job Really Cost?

One of the questions we are most often asked at Recruit Shop is “why is recruitment a good investment?” Part of the reason for this question is that few companies actually add up the multiple, smaller costs of recruitment that – in total – make recruitment such an expensive task when completed in house.
For reference, Recruit Shop offers comprehensive recruitment services for $1,995 +GST. You are delivered a group of applicants for you to pick and choose from, and you incur no additional costs. We are the best priced recruitment company in Australia, but even more expensive recruiters can be a better investment than running advertisements in-house.

The Forgotten Costs of Advertising a Job

Advertising a job – especially on major job boards – is expensive. On Seek, Australia’s leading job posting board costs $275 +GST at a minimum for only 30 days. If you add in any of their special features, the costs add up to over $1000. That is for one job board, and only for 30 days.
On CareerOne, it’s a bit cheaper at $187 to start for 30 days, but you get fewer applicants and once you start adding additional features, it adds up even more. Most websites charge similar fees, and most businesses advertise on multiple websites. Already, we’re at over $1000, and this doesn’t include if you advertise with:

  • Google Adwords
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Magazine Ads

The more places you advertise, the more expensive it becomes, and at this point you will incur more costs than you would if you went with Recruit Shop, and you’d be close to the costs of traditional recruitment services.
But the costs do not end there either. In order to advertise a job successfully, you have to monitor applicants, screen applicants, use tools to make sure you’re getting the right applicants, and dedicate staff to all of these advertisement solutions. Before you have called your first applicant in for an interview, the costs in both expenses and lost production are often well over $5,000.

Recruitment is Genuinely Valuable

While not all recruitment companies are created equal, there is little denying that you really do not save when you try to recruit in-house. While there are a few cheap advertisement options available, you lose almost as much in lost production, and unless you have employees with years of experience finding candidates, there is no guarantee you’re going to hire the right person either.
Recruitment is a real value, and while in some cases it may seem like a greater upfront expense, in total it costs significantly less than hiring in-house.
If you need help with your recruitment, why not try Recruit Shop? We’re so confident our service will work for you, we’re offering a $1,000 money back guarantee.