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Webinar invitation: Helping you understand recent changes to employment law

Employment law: Managing risk and uncertainty On Wednesday 28th October, our Executive Director Susie will be teaming up with Jonathan Mamaril, Director for NB Lawyers – Lawyers for Employers. In this free webinar*, they’ll share simple solutions to navigate employment law, alongside real case studies and examples. Managing people in this current climate has brought […]

Tips to Reduce Candidate Dropout

Much of hiring is focused on what you need as a company. It’s about finding the talent that matches your company culture, the production needed at the position, and more. From the interview questions to the recruitment process, the focus is mostly on what you can do to make sure you’re identifying the right talent. […]

The Difference Between A Human Resource Manager and a Hiring Manager

Here at the Recruit Shop Blog, we sometimes throw terms around without necessarily defining them for the broader audience. Since many of our clients are entrepreneurs, franchisees, and startups, it’s common to go into recruitment not always fully understanding the terminology. One common area of confusion is the difference between a “human resource manager” and […]

Tips for Child Care Recruitment

For many, the idea of working with children is a dream. Being paid to play with children for a living means that you get excited almost every day you go to work, and while there is certainly a great deal of stress that comes from working with children every day, it is still a job […]