Tips for Child Care Recruitment

For many, the idea of working with children is a dream. Being paid to play with children for a living means that you get excited almost every day you go to work, and while there is certainly a great deal of stress that comes from working with children every day, it is still a job that creates incredible memories and makes you feel like you’re doing important work. But companies that hire child care workers need to be incredibly selective about who they bring on staff.
They need to find employees that are:

  • Good with Kids – Everyone can like kids, but not everyone is good with kids. The ability to play with children, keep them safe, and help them learn requires a specific type of personality.
  • Staying Around – Turnover can be high in child care. Companies need those that are going to stay with each passing year.
  • Knowledgeable and Intelligent – Child care often involves quick thinking, the ability to see and spot problems, excellent focus, and more.

With all of these needs in mind, the following are several strategies that you can use to improve your recruitment process and hire better child care workers.

How to Hire for Child Care

  • Take Advantage of Self-Selection

You want people with both passion and energy. Self-selection strategies are excellent for this type of career. Self-selection is when you require extra tasks to go along with the resume/CV before it can be accepted. For example, require that applicants submit answers to 5 questions, as well as share 3 ideas for children’s games before they can apply.
Those that do not have a passion for child care, and those that are unwilling to give their work their full effort will be unwilling to do these extra requirements. Those that are willing to do the extra work are showing many positive qualities that are important in the child care workplace.

  • Prioritise Personalities

Experience in child care is excellent to have. But personalities, especially when children are at a younger age, is often as important. See who has the right attitude to work with children. Find ways to analyse candidates during their interview that teach you about their personality, and use that to determine who to hire.

  • Offer Amazing Training

For many, working with children is natural. That means that hiring may not be the main issue. Their ability to thrive depends on you. Offer in-depth training that helps them understand how to act with children, how to keep them safe, how to collaborate with other staff, and more. This training both improves the quality of your hires, and reduces turnover by making the job easier on the staff.

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